My German Tax Return - Current Forms

This page is an addition to the guide »My German Tax Return – A step-by-step guide to file your taxes in Germany«, which you can purchase here. This is a guide for all employed persons who want or need to file a tax return in Germany but do not speak much German.

1. Tax return in Germany: It's much easier than you think!

Even for native speakers, German tax law sometimes seems completely incomprehensible. But then, most of the time, it's not as complicated as you may have feared!

Many forms are actually quite self-explanatory!

2. Tax return in Germany: The most important forms

These are the most important current forms which you will need for your tax declaration for the fiscal year 2020:

Though you may speak little or no German, you can basically do your tax return yourself and hand it in at your local tax office either electronically (if you use a tax-software) or on paper.

Even if you use the services of a tax advisor (Steuerberater) or get help from an income tax help association (Lohnsteuerhilfeverein), knowledge of some basics can go a long way in telling your advisor about facts that might be particular to your case.

Looking for more or other tax forms? You can download them here on our (German) website for free!